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Fears & Phobias

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About the Course

Having a severe fear or phobia can be difficult to live with at any point in your life, it impacts you mentally and often physically.

Throughout pregnancy, it can severely affect your mental health if it is something you are likely to face. As a result it can stop you from having important tests, assessments and appointments or make you dread giving birth.

In motherhood, this may affect your ability to care for your child if they are sick or be with them in certain situations like vaccinations, parties etc.

All of these examples can be avoided.

You were not born with this fear and MiM phobia therapy can help you “reset” the part of your mind that created it, back to how it was before the fear ever existed. Unlike other therapies, this doesn’t include any exposure to the source of the fear. We don’t even need to know why or how it started. With just a few sessions we can make unbelievable changes.

If you are currently pregnant, I invite you to check out the Honest Birthing & Beyond Programme. It is a FULL pregnancy, birth and motherhood preparation course based on the same mind-body principles mentioned above.

You can learn more HERE

These sessions will help you...


Greatly reduce or even eliminate completely your fear/phobia.

Understand how YOUR mind holds a phobia so you can gain more control.

Understand how YOUR mind holds a phobia so you can gain more control.

Develop a practical toolbox of tips, tools and techniques you can dip into as and when needed.

What is included?

Initial complimentary consultation call,

Available with or without purchasing therapy.

2 x one-to-one sessions.

From the comfort of your own home and at times that suit YOU.

Personalised relaxation and hypnosis MP3 tracks

Tailored you and your unique needs and inner workings.

The unique MiM therapy fusion.

Learn about the different therapies that may be involved in your sessions

Stress and Anxiety Reduction Pack

Included free with your therapy. To find out more about this pack, including how to purchase it separately click HERE


I am looking forward to chatting!

Still unsure whether this therapy is right for you?

No problem!

I would love to invite you for a FREE 15 minute chat where you can ask any questions you may have. Fill in this form to book a time that suits you.

Therapy workbook

Packed full of information and techniques to aid your therapy.

Your Instructor

Faye Czajkowski-Davis

Faye Czajkowski-Davis

Qualified in Midwifery, hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling, transformative coaching, rewind trauma therapy and mindfulness, Faye draws on her sixteen years of experience and blends it with her knowledge and skills to create a bespoke way of working with each person.

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